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Asian lesson

Background Information Background Information Before film and television, puppetry was one of the most important entertainments throughout Asia. It also served as a major form of public education. In societies where oral traditions were as important as written literature, each generation learned of the beginning of the world and its beings, and understood the great moral tales as they engaged with puppetry performances. This particular lesson focuses on puppets from Burma Myanmar and puppetry traditions from other areas will be featured in subsequent lessons. In Burma, puppetry performances have long been more highly valued than plays with human actors, for humans are considered too impure to perform sacred stories. The plays, in which string puppets are featured, are based primarily on the Buddhist Jataka stories, moral tales concerning the previous lives of the Buddha.
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Grade: K-2

Asian lesson
Asian lesson
Asian lesson
Asian lesson
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Directions Newer buildings are replacing many of the historic ones throughout Asia. Have students choose an Asian country in which to explore traditional architecture. China is the example shown here. One way that architectural historians know how ancient Chinese buildings looked is from clay models found in tombs. These models were buried with the dead person to make them feel "at home" in the next world. Have students study pictures and photographs of preserved buildings from the Asian country of their choice.
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The determination to avenge that loss is one of the driving forces for the Republic this year, who are aiming for a top-two finish at the M1 Asian Netball Championship starting on Sept 1 at OCBC Arena. Singapore, the and champions, were third at the last edition in Soh felt the team are better prepared this year after increasing the frequency of their fitness training and making minor adjustments for better control in passing under new coach Natalie Milicich. Soh, usually the goal shooter, said: We were disappointed but from that disappointment, we are working harder than ever towards being the dream team that we want to be.
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Match the names of famous Asian Americans to their accomplishments. Provide each student with a copy of the Famous Asian Americans work sheet. Challenge students to use library or Internet sources to match each person's name in the left column to the phrase in the right column that explains why the person is famous.
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